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Hi X,

Great booming drop, with an amazing scary sound :-)

Your drums, effects and sound design could use some more details to keep up with the modern hits in your genre. So add a bit more variation in your drums and sampled sounds by e.g. using effects like gatekeeper/lfo-tools, and manipulator, and other modern pitch(correct) tools.

The kick and snare could use a bit more power, on the kick you could try some (more) soft clipping, and the snare you could double with 2 other stereo (panned) snare samples to get more power and space.

The synth sound which is almost solo around 2:00 min, sounds a bit cheap. I would try to take a more wide stereo sound, which is or more raw, or more natural. Maybe double it with another (synth)sound and/or chopping could help to let is stand out a bit more and gain more drive/speed.

If you have any questions, just reply and let me know,


Hi X,

The track sounds cool, and really goes into madness in a good way. Only sometimes, I think you want to give too much attention to all sounds in your mix at the same time. Filtering can help here sometimes. Put some sounds more to the background when other sounds need the be in the front. That kind of tricks. Try to keep the mix as concentrated as possible on the sounds that matter at that moment and put others more in the back.

Sometimes it helps, to divide the mix in 4 to 8 groups, (e.g kick, drums, bassline, leadsynth, effects, others) when your track is ready, and export them as WAV, then create a new project and load the wavs as different tracks, on those try to make an automated mix to improve transparency and avoid sounds fighting for your attention.

Sometimes even use slight (analogue) bus compression to get things glued together and get a more pleasant sound as well.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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