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Affinity Lab Agua y Sed Azpern Bach Music Cenital CTS Records D-Lab Records D2 Records Dark Face Recordings DB Records (HU) Diamond Rec dootrecords Elantris Records Elektrotribe Records Faites Leur Des Disques Green Nights Records Illegal Ghost Joprec Little Helpers Miracles Music Musiczone Digital Mystery Train Recordings New Stylez Records Proshare Review Service Reisen Soul Shift Music soundquasar Tzinah Records Violet Sky Records


!Organism 1103 Musik Berlin 24 Hours Records 3 Liquid Hz Records 3rd Wave Music 4 2 The Floor Records 7 Senses 7th Cloud 808 Recordings 909 Muzik Abzolut Aeternum Digital Afrosoup Agile Recordings Aiana Musik Akbal Music Alan Gray Music Alboratory Alien Records All About Plastic Recordings Alma-Electronica Alveda Music Amam Amazing Records Ampispazi Recordings Anabatic Records Antistatic Rec Apache Records Aquavit BEAT Atmosphere Records Audio B Audio Elite Audiomatique Recordings Aufseit Aura Music Avioground Records Axiom Recordings B74Records Backroom Muzik Bad Barbie Records Bad Pony Baile Musik Bar25 Music Basswalk Records Be As One Be One Records Beat Control Records Beat Tech Records Beatamin Recordings Bedroomrecords09 Bequem Digital Berlin Aufnahmen Berlin Aufnahmen [ViP] Berlin Sensation Between Us Biatch Corp Recordings Biconic Records Big Drugs Music Black And White Records Black Note Music Blackpoint Records Blend It Records Bloodstone Recordings Blow The Roof Records Blowing Haze Records Blue Arts Music Blue Dye Body Parts Boiler Underground Records Boogie Recordings Boom Zwapp Records Bosom Brazuka Music Brooklyn Fire Brouqade Bulldozer Records Cablage Records Cadence Amazing Cadenza Carpe Diem Musica Carypla Records Cedez Music Celestial Recordings Chemical Beats Records Chibar Records Chronovision Ibiza Chucky Records CibiCaldi Records Circle Music Circus Company Clandestine Recordings Claque Musique Clipper's Sounds Clock Room Records Clorophilla Records Cocaine Cocoon Recordings Coincidence Records Cold Tear Records Comic Label Commander Music Complicity Concepto Hipnotico Conceptual Consumed Records Cosmikal Records Cosmofunk Records CrackHouse Recordings CRAFT Underground Cray1 Digital Works Cray1 LabWorks Creepy Finger Crossfrontier Audio Crosstown Rebels Cubek Curiosity Music Cutoff Recordings D-ser Records D.C.D Family Records Damolh Records Dance N Dust Dancing Moon Dantze Dark and Sonorous Recordings Dark Devil Records DarkSide Black Dash Deep Records Dashindeep Datagroove Music Db Rush Records Deep Disco Music Deep Phase Deep Sense Records Deep Tech Records Deephouse Berlin Default Position Definition Records Del Sol Music Delighters Music Delta Swamp Music Descending Order Desperadoz Records Detuned Recordings Deux Minds Records Dialtone Records Diamond Clash Digital Room Records Digital Structures dirtybird Discoswag District Facility District of Corruption Division Virtuel Dogmatik Records Dot Dot Records Double Deer Music Draft Draft LTD Dreadful League Dreamscape Records DSR Digital Dual Musik dub.sphere DubGestion Dushe Label Dustcity Music Early Morning Music Egothermia EIN2 Einmusika Recordings Electrified Mindz Electrique Music Electronic District Electronic Petz Ella Unique eMBi Music Emote Music ENOUGH! MUSIC Ensis Black Entropy Records Essence Recordings Evoked Recordings Factory Beat Recordings Family House Fantastique Sound Far Away Recordings FCKNG SERIOUS Fever Sound Records Fierce Animal Recordings Fine Balance Music FKJ Music Records Flappers Records Flat Belly Recordings Flow Musique Label Fluro Music Fobia Records For The Record Force Sense Recordings Fractalism Music Free Spirit Records Freizeitglauben Berlin Frequenza Frequenza Limited Fresh Wave Music Frozen North Recordings Frucht FXHE Records GAG Digital Records Gain Records Galaktika Records Genteel Stones Gentlemens Groove Records Get High Music Giraffe Digital Glamorous Stars Records Goldmin Music Goodnight Moon Recordings Gooh Records Gramola.Rec Great Nights Green Alien Records Groove Connoisseurs Records Groove On Gseven Music Guava Gysnoize Recordings Handcrafted Label Happy Days Records HardCutz Records Harmonious Discord Harthouse HDR Limit Heinz Music Henke Music Herbst und Musik Herzblut Recordings Hexagon Recordings High Pressure Music High SeVen Records Hochspannung Records Hole Home Made Electronica House Rox Records Human Garden Music Human Resources Hungry Koala Records Hush Deep Ibiza Music idenline iElektronix Recordings Illegal Alien Records inclusif Indepth MusicRec Indigo Raw Infamous Recordings Inlab Recordings Innertek Recordings Innocent Music Intellectro Vibe Records Intermission Ltd Intimate Project Music Inwave Italic Italo Business Jssst Records Junkie Slang K-Hole Recordings Kalimero Records Kalk Pets Kamikaze Records Kanja Records Karmak Records Karmaloft Music KATERMUKKE KD Music Keno Records Killertraxx Muzik Kina Music Kindisch Kinetika Records Kittball Records Klang Elektronik Klang Gymnastik Klangwelt Klonfrei Kompakt Konsep Records Kontra Musik Koojina Records Kootz Music Krad Records Kraftoptical Kryptofabbrikk Kubu Music La Folia Recordings Label Label Code Records Legi Music Lemon-aid Music Lethal Dose Recordings Leuchtturm Records Level One Records Leyko Records Life Sentence Rec Lion Beat Recordings Little Italy Music Lo Kik Records Lofi Stereo Login Records Loob Label Lord Musik Low Groove Records LOW Recordings Lower Upper Lowplay Sound Lucky Sounds Lust Und Freu.De Musik M-Plant Mad Cat Records MadBull Records made of CONCRETE Madison Square Records Maeve Mafia Records Magic Hand Records Maintain Replay Records Malicious Smile Malicious Smile LTD Maloos Music Marba Records Mcfeel Records Melotherapy Memento Mesa Recordings Metrika Metro Dance Records Metroline Limited Miaw MIDI Life Records Mind Ability Records Mindless Factory Mini Dee Records Mini Games Records minim.all Minimal Force Records Minimal Kidz Minimal Stuff Limited Minimaltrap Minimo Imprint Minimum Addiction Minus Mal's Records Miocene Misdeed Records Mobilee Records MOJEN Music Moleskine Music Mona Records Monday Morning Records Monocord Records Monog Records Moon Deep Records Moon Harbour Recordings Moon Mission Moonbeam Digital Moonklift Records MoonShake Records Moral Fiber Morning Sun Records Mosaic Sound System Moscow Records Mosquito Fart Records Mosquito Records Moveubabe Records Murky Beatz Mus1c Furor music cell Music Is The Drug Music Life Records Musik Gewinnt Freunde Musik Krause Musique Unique My Favourite Freaks Music Nachtglanz Recordings Nachtwandler Records Nanoloopsis Natural Beat Recordings Natural Rhythm NB Records NEO Neural Records Neurotic Sound Neurotraxx Recordings New Creatures New League New Violence Records Nextasy Music Nice Forest Records Nice Try Records Nocturnal Sound Records Noexcuse Records Noisy Darts Records Nonstop Records NOPRESET Records NoRobot Music Not For Us Records NuLabel Ocean Dark OD Music Group ODN Records Old School Music ONOFF Recording Open Concept Recordings Open Records Opilec Music Origami Musik Orion Muzik Overdrive Musik P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records Packed Music Paranoid Traxx Label Parquet Recordings Partyzanai Pop Paso Music Pastamusik Pattern Repeat Perc Trax Percent Records Perception Corp Phobiq Phrench Records Physical Records Physical Techno Recordings Piko Music Pild Records PitchBend Recordings Plastica Music Platform B Ploetzlich Musik Plus Repeat Poker Dust Poker Flat Recordings Polar Noise Pool 8 Records Precision Recordings Pro B Tech Music Professional Rockstars Records Progrezo Records Projectile Music Proton Limited Psicodelica Psych Recordings Psykometrik Psymal Records Puchero Records Pulse Code Records Punch Underground Pure Cocaine Recordings Purple Edge Records Purple Gate Records Purple Sun Records Putsch Records Quanza Records Raw Paper Records Rawthentic Music Recycle Limited Recycle Records Red Ant Records Reduced Regular Beats Records Reiz Musik Rejected Remote Area Records Renegade Alien Records Rennbahn Records Repeat Music Rewire Musik Reworck Ritter Butzke Studio Royal Tracks Rural Records Ruzzy Records Saint & Dont Music Sakadat Records Sanex Music SANiLLE Recordings SAVAGE Techno Record Label Say What? Recordings SCI+TEC See The Road Seesaw Records Sempai Music Sender Records Sensession Senssence Sensum Digital Seta Label Seven Villas Sex Panda Records Sezonaz Shaker Plates Side B Underground Side FX Signal Code Records Silvana Records Simple Things Records Sintope Digital Situate Audio Digital SK Recordings SK Supreme Records SK Yaris Records Inc Slap Jaxx Slot Smallville Records Smiley Fingers Snork Enterprises So Tasty Sode Records SoHo Beats Recordings Soma Records somanymusic SonarWave Records Sonik Boom Records Sonik Sound Sonore Music Soul Fly Music Records Sound Kleckse Sound Of Square Records Sound Revolution Records Sound Tool Records Sounds Of Earth Soundwaves Spacealorbeats Sphere Records Spliced Vinyl Recordings Stanch Records Steam Circuit Steinberg Records Stellar Map WorldWide Stendhal Records Stil Vor Talent Stone Recordings Strange Town Recordings Strict Recordings Style Rockets SubSensory Recordings SuonoREC Supdub Records Supermarket Supermarket Unlimited Supplement Facts Suruba Sync Forward Syringe Records T Dance Digital Tainted Buddah Recs Tarantula Records Tech Recordings Techno Pulse Records Technz Records Tekx Records Terracotta THANQ The Basement Music The Room Tief Time Has Changed Records Tip Tap Records Toffee Records Ton Liebt Klang Ton Records Top Flower Records TOTEM TRAXX Totoyov ToySounds Trapez Traxacid TrayMore Records Treat Your DJ Right Treibjagd Records Tres 14 Music Trilobit Records Tronic Soundz Turn Left Recordings Twisted Frequency Recordings Under Records Under Town Records Underground Avenue Records Underground Beats Underxpression Records Universe Axiom Up To Loft Ushuaia Music Vandalism Musique Verbreiten Musik Viena Music Vike Recordings VL Records Volt9 Records Voltage Musique Records Votan Records VSA Recordings Wall Music Watergate Records Way Of House We Scream Records Whoyostro Wicked Waves Recordings Wishful Records Wolfskuil Records Woombah Records Worldwide Exclusive Records Yaakun Records Yoruba Grooves Zoo Lab

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