Labels in hardcore / hard techno

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Bach Music bunk3r r3cords Cannibal Cooking Club Chauron Recordings Dolma Records R135 TRACKS WonderWorks Recordings


36 Hertz Recordings 7th Cloud Acid Tube Records Airsound Records Alakran Records Alex Mayer Musik Lab! Alss Analog Analogue Audio Angry Rabbit Records Ant-Zen Antistatic Rec Apotek Arviebeats Records Audio Textures Audiofase Recordings AV Music Avangarde Records Bass Assault Records Battle Audio Records Be Yourself Music BIG BAD DOG BIP Records Black Circus Black String Blind Spot Music Boiler Underground Records Booty Call Records Bush Records Capitol Input Capsula Digital Carmarage Records Chernobyl Music Chocolate Climax Label Cloud 9 Dance Clutch Trax CodeWorks Combat Skill Contact contrast-r Corrupt Systems Critikal Tech Records Cubek Dancing Moon DEAD CERT. Records Delete Diligentia Records Dirty Session District Facility DJAX Upbeats Dot doxa DrizzlyMusic Drumtech Records DSR Digital Duro Dutch Master Works Electrified Mindz Electrix Elektrax Music Emfa Music EML Recordings EUN Records Extra Dry Extrakt Final Chapter FiXT Flatpack Traxx freakWaves Free Spirit Records Fuzion Records General Surgery Records Global Techno Movement Records Groove Nation Records GSR Guilhotina Hexagon Recordings HIVE Hungry Koala Records IMP Music Inde.Klik Music Industrial Strength Records Innerspace Italo Business Itchy Tasty Records Kalmary Records Klinik Room Klopfgeist Krata Krischmann & Klingenberg Kushida Records Land of Dance Level One Records Love OD Communications Luminar Records Mangoest Records Maniacs Melodic Art Meta Junction Recordings Miami Techno Chrome Records Miditonal Records Modul8 Mostiko MTM Mus1c Furor Naked Lunch Naughty Pills Records NB Records Nerven Records Noctambular Noisy Darts Records Nucleo Records NULL Nutty Traxx Oktant Records Overdrive Oxytech Records Paranoid Traxx Label Penta Physical Techno Recordings Platinium Records Play Techno Records Projectile Music Psymal Records push2play music Pushmaster Discs Qubiq Records Refluxed Records Regalia Relapso ReWashed LDT Rez Ruzzy Records Scratch Seqtor Sex Panda Records Shout Records Sick Weird Rough Side B Underground Solid Groove Records Sonntag Morgen SOUP Sphere Records Spielzeug Standbite Music Stay Up Forever Stir Consciences Records Stomping Grounds Sub Cult Subwoofer Records SUICIDE Switch Off Records Tech Art Records Techdics House Audio Techno Pulse Records Technz Records Tekx Records Tiefenrausch Tigerbeat6 TK Records Toptrax Torque Tremors Recordings Tridonic records Tripalium Records TS Music Tsunami Records Turbolenza Unaffected Records undefined Underground Family Records Unistory Music Unknown Forces Unusual Sound Ushuaia Music Void Music Voided Records WELFARE Wicked Waves Recordings Woodwork Yin Yang Yoshi Yucatech Recordings

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