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19Box Recordings 3 Hands 99 WAVES Records Big Fish Recordings Club Restricted Records CTS Records Elektrobeats Records Elektroshok Records Elektrotribe Records Green Nights Records Happy Tree Records Jeepers! Minimal Wave Nightingale Recordings NR Records Proshare Review Service Proud Runs Deep R135 TRACKS Sensoria Records ShiftAxis Records Shootin Records Soul Shift Music soundquasar Suckmusic Wolfrage Recordings


+31 Music 040 Recordings 10 Kilo 1103 Musik Berlin 120dB Records 17:44 Records 1980 Recordings 2E2L Recordings 2MR2 Records 3 Liquid Hz Records 3345 Music 44th & Filth 68159 Records 76 Recordings 7eolett Recordings 989 Records 9G Records Abarat Digital Absolut Freak Records Abyss Records Acidkids Aciitone Activated Recordings Acuna Adaptor Recordings Adrian Recordings ADS Records ADX records Aeternum Digital Aeternum Records AfroMove Music After Mess Recs Against The Grain Air Snare Records Airport Route Recordings Albion Allusion Records Alveda Music AMAdea Records Amateur Amatox Label Records Amazone Records Ambber Records Amber Muse Ambig Records Amplify Amused Records Analog Analog People In A Digital World ANALOGmusiq Ancestral Army Records Andorfine Records Animal Language Animar Records Ant-Zen Antime Antistatic Rec APE Music Apwood Recordings Aquavit BEAT Arcadia Records Area 51 Arkade ARMA aromamusic Arti Farti Ascension Records Ask4 Records Asterism Atlantic Jaxx Atlantic Records UK Atomic Zoo Recordings Audentity Records Audio Assault Audio Doughnuts Audio Logic Recordings Audiodevot Audiolith Audiomatique Recordings Audiominima Records Audiophile Live Audioplay Records AudioStudio144 Audiotonique Aurelie Records Ausa Records AV Music AV8 Records Avangarde Records AVANTINOVA Avenue Recordings Avioground Records AWJ Recordings Axon Axtone Records Ayeko Records B.SOUL Music B12 B74Records Bacci Bros Records Bad Boys recordings Bad Shoes Records Balastic Records Bang Gang Bang It Banzai Barbecue Records Barong Family Basement Collective Music Basserk Bassline Records BB Sound Be Bonkerz Be Yourself Music Beat Bite Records Beat Rude Records Beat That Beatfusion Beatone Digital Beaze Records Because Music Because Music Beef Records Berlin Sensation Berwick Street Records Betelgeuse Recordings Betty Beat Records Big & Dirty (Be Yourself Music) Big Alliance Records Big Beat Records Big Element Records Big In Ibiza Big Mama's House Records Bimbomix Records Biologic Records BIP Records Bizarre Rituals Black Cat Black Fox Music Black Hole Recordings Black Leather Records Black Men Records Black Rock Records BlackLabel Records Blacklist BLCKD Recordings Bleenchic Blend It Records Bliss Point Recordings Blood Diamonds Record Bloodstone Recordings Blow The Roof Records Blue Drop Records Blue Label Records BluFin BMKLTSCH RCRDS Boiler House Records Bomba Records Bombay Records BomBeatz Music Bonerizing Records Boogie Basics Boom Tsjak (Flashover) Boomtic Records Booty Call Records BORN Records Bourne Recordings Boxon Records Boysnoize Records BPM Recordz Brandnewvibe Recordings Breaker Breaker Bretzel Records Bright Star Brilliant Brimotek Music Bromance Brooklyn Fire Brown Eyed Boyz Records Bubbles BugEyed Records Bullet Train Records Burning Bash Music Bus records Caballero Recordings Cablage Records Canaan Digital Records Canaria Schallplatten Cancun Records Capitol Records Carter Recordings Casa Rossa Cash Gold Records CB Recordings Centric Music Chambray Champion Records Channel Recordings Cheap Thrills Cherry Drop Records Chewy Chocolate Cookies Chicaria Records Chili Records Chillin Music Ching Zeng CibiCaldi Records Circle Music Circus Citizen Records Clipper's Sounds Clock Room Records Clone Records Cloud 9 Dance Club Cartel Records Club G Music Clubland Records Clubmasters Records Clubstar Cock Pitch Records Coco Machete Records Colombian Dutch Records Color Me Colors Of Soul Combat Skill Comorbid Records Complex Drop Records Computer Club Conco Digital Confession Confidential Music Records Confused Recordings Cool Music Records CORE audio Corsair Records Cr2 Records Craft Music Creative Vibes Crispy Crust Records Critical Recordings Crunchy Music Cuatro Cube Cherry Records Cut Cynic D1 Recordings Dance Rhythm Danceflex Music Records Dancepush Dancewax Recordings Berlin Dangerbox Recordings DARE Recordings Dark Pleasure Records Dark Vibe Productions Darklight Recordings Dawn Daxsen Records (DMG) Db Rush Records Deadvolt Records Death Proof Recordings Death Strobe Records Decisions Deeplife Records DeepSink Digital Definitive Recordings DEL GADO REC Delectable Records Delicieuse Records Delighters Music DeMars Records Destined Records Detroit Underground Deugene Music Deux Minds Records Dezign Music Diamond Clash Different Different Record Diffused Music Digital Dope Records Digital Empire Records Digital Empire VIP Digital Lab Digital Room Records Digital Ruckus Records Dim Mak Records Dip Recordings Dirt-E Records Dirty Cat Dirty Dutch Music Dirty Ego Dirty Red Records Dirty Stuff Records Discobelle Records Discoswag Discovery Records Diskokaine Diskomafia Dither Down Diverside Diverted Traffic Division Virtuel Divus DJR (DJs Revenge) Dolphin Sounds Dominance Electricity Doner Music Dont Play This Records Doormat Sounds Dopefish AUDIO Double Vision Studio Records Downright DPK DrizzlyMusic Dropton Records DS Records Dub-All Or Nothing Durp Supera Dusted Breaks Dusted Decks Dynamic Musik Dysaux Records E-Star Music East Van Digital Eastribal Records Eclectic Records Edit Records Electric Life Electrified Mindz Electrix Electro Dance Movement Electrofraise Electrogravity ElectroIN Label Electronic Petz Electronic Player Electronic Waves Records Elephanthaus Elite Records Ellaluxe Records Ellectrica Recordings Elsewhere ELUSIVE Embarcadero Records Eminor Records EML Recordings Emote Music Emotional Noise Emotive Sounds Emperor Enchufada End Of Dayz Enormous Tunes Enriched Records Ensemble Entraxx Records Envision Recordings EpicNetworkMusic Erase Records ESP Records Essence Recordings Etage Noir Special Eternal Sunday Etherteck Records Ethica Recordings Etia Creations Etui Records EuropeDanceRecords eVapour8 Evasive Records Evolve Records Evosonic Records Excel Recordings Excentric Muzik Existence Records Exit Audio Exploited Eye Records Eyecatcher F & S Records Fake Moustache Records Fanfare Fantastique Sound Far Away Recordings Fassade Records Feel Up Records FEELDAFLAVA RECORDS Feiyr Festplatten Filthy Groovin Records Filthy Sounds Fin De Siecle Finale Sessions FineGrind Audio Fire Beats Records Firepower Records FiXT FKJ Music Records FLAMINGO RECORDINGS Flashover Electro House Flashover Recordings Flavo Flemcy Music Fokus Tunes Folistar Follow Mix Records Fondation Records Fool's Gold Records For Lovers For The Record Force Sense Recordings Formule Records Fortuna Music Records Foundation Records Four Peas Recordings Fractalism Music FRAME Freak Trix Freakadelle Freaks Culture Records Freaksound freaktown Freakz Me Out Records Freaquewave Records Free Free Access Freelancer Freeway Recordings Frenetica Frenzy Fresco Records Fresh Fish Fresh Wave Music Freshportmusic From 0-1 Frozen North Recordings Full House Group Records Full Room Records Fumakilla Funhaus funk la planet Funkatech Records Funkk Sound Recordings Funkshovel Funktion Recordings Funky Way Fusion Recordings G-REX Music Gaga Records Gala GALAXY RECZ Gam Recordings Gardash Records Garuda GAS RECORDS Gash Digital Gass Gedankensport General Records Genial Genteel Stones Geousus Records Get Fresh Get Over Records Get Physical Music Ghetto Freaks Ghosthall Ghostmind Records Girafe Sauvage Glamnight Records Glamorous Stars Records Glamour Punk Recordings Globelle Glorioso Sound Glovel Records Go 4 Music Gold Whistle Golden Cat Recordings GOLDKID Records Gomma Good Enuff Gossip Records Grandessa Records Great Nights Great Stuff Recordings Greco-Roman Green Mono Music Studio Greenbeat Records Grey Lion Grind Trax Grindin Records Groove Nation Records Grooved Music Grooveland Records Guerilla Crew Rec Guess Records Gysnoize Recordings Hacienda Hadshot Haheizar Hahmo Recordings Hands Happy Hour Records Harem Records Hartchef Discos Harthouse Hatrax Records Headless Horseman Heavy Artillery Recordings Heldeep Records Hell Yeah Recordings HER Herzblut Recordings Herzschlag Recordings HEXAGON Hexagon Recordings Hi-Bias Records HJM Recordings Hochspannung Records Hole Home Made Electronica Hooj Choons Hoop Records Hospital Records Hotbox Digital Hotfingers HoTL Records HotSenses Records Hotune Records House Is The Cure House Of Fun House Rox Records House Sound of LA Housearth Records Household Digital Housepital Records Housesession Records Houseworx Hungry Koala Records Hussle Hussle Recordings Hype & Soul Recordings Hype Recordings Hypetraxx Records Hysteria Hysteria Recs IA Records Icon Music iLLi Recordings Immigrant Records Immoral Music Impact Mechanics Impossible Records Impulsif Records Inde.Klik Music Industry Of House Inner Harmony Records Innerflight Music INSOMNIFIED Inspected Records Instant Vibes InStereo Recordings Intellectro Vibe Records International DeeJay Gigolo Records Interscope Records iO Music iparallels Ipoly Music Irma Records It's Not A Label Italica Records Itchy Tasty Records Jack Back Records Jack Knife Records Jakato Music Jambalay Records Jee Productions Jesus Love Records Joys Productions Jumpers Recordings Just Music Records K2 Kachelfunk Musik Kairos Audio Kaliber Kalimira Music Kannibalen Records KarateKlub Karera Karmaloft Music Karton KB Sound Collective Keezako Records Keymono Music Kiez Beats Kill Beat Kill For This Records Kindcrime Recordings Kindred Recordings Kinetik Records Kinetika Records Kingdom Kome Cuts Kinky Digital Kittball Kittball Records Klang Gymnastik Klangpunkt Records Kleenhouse Music Kompute Musik Kondor Records Kontaminated Recordings Kontor Records Kosmo Records Kostbar Musik KROME Krome pressings Kumari Kushida Records Kushtee Records Kynatix L8T Recordings La Tebwa La Valigetta Label Mango Record Lad Publishing & Records Ladomat 2000 Laid Lan Muzic Latin Dutch Records LCD Records LE7ELS Lebensfreude Records Legraib Records Lektroluv Lentos Records Leporelo Less Than Ten Level One Records Leyko Records LFB Limonade records Linda Records LINE ListenShut Records Lite Licht Records Little Globe Records LK2 Music Lo Kik Records Loaded Records Lobster Theremin Lofi Stereo Looq Lordag Records Lotek Recordings Loud House Records LoudBit LoudDjs Records Love Network Lovers Recordings Low Point LTHM Lucky Records Lukes Club Records Lunartoons Lycaon Mad Decent Made To Play MadHype Records Madzonegeneration Records Maelstrom Remake Magik Muzik Magnetik Grooves Magnetron Music Magnitude Recordings Magnolia Main Course Mainstage Music (Armada) Major League Recordings Mako Records Maktub Man Recordings Mannequin Mantide Records Maquina Deep Mass Records Matrix Music Records Maurice Joshua Digital Maxximize Mazoom Lab Möller Records MDS DIGITAL Meant Records Megaton Records Meleon Music Mellophonik Records Melodica Memo Mental Groove Menu Music Metanoia Music Metroklang Records Miami Techno Chrome Records Mighty Moog Records Mikita Skyy Mind Your Head MindBeat Records Mindbending Miniaturesrec Minibar Ministry of Sound (UK) Minus Mal's Records Mirage Mix Store Records Mixmash Deep Mixmash Records Mizumo Music MJOY Records MK837 Moda Music Modular Expansion Moi Fox Recordings MOJEN Music Molacacho Records Moleskine Records Moma Monerhold Gold Money Shot Monkey See Monkey Do Monofunk MONSTERecs Moodmusic Moomba Recordings Moon Deep Records Moonbootique Moorgate Records Morbittal Records Morning Sun Records Morris Audio Citysport Edition Moshi Moshi Records Mostiko Motor Moustache Records Moveltraxx MTA Records Murky Beatz Music Life Records Musical Freedom Musical Madness Musical Missionary Musique Moderne Muz-Flame My Cup Of Tea Myo Records Nachtwandler Records Natural High Navigation Records NDV Neglected Grooves Nervous Records Nettwerk Never Say Die Records New Creatures Nextgen Records NFM Records Night Gallery Night Light Company Night Style Exotic Nightlife Recordings Nightrain Music No Border Recordings No Hats No Hoods No Sense Of Place Records No Tomorrow Recordings Nocturnal Recordings Nohashi Records Noir Music Noise Control Noize Reaction Records NON Records Nova Lotus Novo Nowadays Records NowPlay Records Nu Boheme Recordings Numbers O Recordings Ocean Dark Ocean Trax Octane Recordings ODN Records Oktant Records Omerta Records Omnis Recordings On A Break Records One Eyed Jacks One For All Records One Little Indian Records One Music Records Ones To Watch Records (Mixmash) OOO Records Opaque Music Open Bar Music Opossum Recordings Orange Stripes Oryx Music Ospina Digital Ostfunk Records Ostwind Records Otographic Music Overdrive Overmind Records OWSLA Pacha Recordings Palms Out Sounds Pantano Beat Records Paper Bag Records Papers Paranoid Traxx Label Park Limited Muzik Parlez Partyzanai Pop Paso Music PBR Recordings Peach Pearlicka Records Peppermint Jam Percussion Records Permanently Records Personne records Phantasy Sound Phazing Phoenix Found Records Phonetic Recordings Phonon Records Piemont Records Pilot Records Pink Rabbit Pino Music Pins and Needles Pizzico Records Planet Acetate Records Plant Music Plasma.Digital Plasteline Playbox Playectra Records Playinbeat PM Deep PM Recordings/PM Label Group Point Blank Pollux Records Polydor Polyphonics Recordings Polytone Pool E Music PornoShock Postino Records Powder & Louder Power Recording Powerhouse Music Praxxiz Precision Recordings President Preston Recordings Presus Records Pretty Sick Privat Records Prizma Records PRMD Pro Clubbin Records Progressive Grooves Projectile Music Protocol Recordings Psymal Records Pulse Code Records Pump Music Records Pumpz Recordings Punk Kids Recordings Punx Purple Edge Records Purple Gate Records Purple Sun Records push2play music Puzzle Traxx Pyro Records Quantized Music Quartzo Records R1 R1 Ryders R3sizze Recordings R3sizze Records Rack Records Music Radikal Records Radiocity Records Randall Records Raubfisch Records Raumklang Music Berlin Rave In Action Recordings Rave Rage Music Raversar Records Raving Loony Records Raw Paper Records Re:sound Real Estate Records Really Really Big Records Rebel Yard Rebelabel Rectangle Recordings Recycled Loops Red Ant Records Redbox Records Redflux Cinnabar Redukt Digital Refune Music Regular Expression REK Records Release Musiq Relief Remute Renegade Alien Records Reoralin Records Repressure Recordings RES Lab REST Restart Records ReState Records Retro Recordings Revamped Recordings Revealed Recordings Revision Records Revolucion Records Rewind Records Reworck Rewritable Records Rezone Records RGMusic Records Rich & Glorious Rimbu Rinse Rise Recordings RM Records Robeat5 Records Roch Music Rock Machine Records Rocket Records Rocksteady Disco RockTheHouze Romixland Room Music Rotate Recordings rotfenstermusik RotRaum Music Rottun Recordings Rough Division Roughmoose Records Roy Music Royal Ravers (Housepital) Royal Tracks RUN DBN Rupture UK Rush Time Records RWM Records Sacred Bones Records Saturday Night Sessions Save Scattermusic Scream And Shout Recordings Seekers Selektor Music Semitrance Records Sense Sensession Separator Records SFR Shabang Records Sheeva Records shOO records Showland Records ShureFire Records Siam Sick Bedroom Records Sick Slaughterhouse Signusounds Records Similar Records Simple Records Simplify Recordings Sinitation Records Size Records SK Yaris Records Inc Sk.Pro-Records Skilled Records Skink Skint Records Skript Slammin Muzik Slanted Black Slash sleeves Slim Slime SLiVER Recordings Sluts on Crack Smash The House SMD Records Smile Creations Music Label Sneakerz MUZIK Software Records Sokita Recordings Sonik Sound Sonno Records Sons Of Noise Records Sophisticated Retreats Sorry Shoes Soul Foundation Recordings soulfuric Sound Architecture Sound Division Sound Lab Sound of Acapulco SOUNDGOODIZER Records Sounds of Sumo Soundtribe Rekords Soundtrip Records Soundwaves Soundz South Records Southern Fried Records Southside Recordings Spagat Music Spawn Records Special Recordings Speedsound Speedsound REC. Spielzeug Spinnin Premium Spinnin' Records Spinnin' Remixes Spire Recordings Splendid Music SPOILER Sprinkler SPRS Spyros Recordings Stained Music Stampgevaar Digital Standard Audio Starlight Stealth Records Steinberg Records Stella Polaris Music Stellar Map WorldWide Stereo FX Stereofaza Stereofly Records stereOOxid Stereophonic Stomp Recordings Stone Recordings Stoney Boy Music StopListenDance Storyland Music Stramler Records Strangelove Records Strobe Records Strongs Records Styledriver Subbbace Records Subdrive SubSensory Recordings Subtone Records Sugar Shake Suka Records Suma Records Sunroomstudio Recordings Supalife Records Superfancy Recordings Supermarket Superstar Recordings Supertraxx Sutil Records Sweat It Out! Symbiostic Symmetry Symphonik Records Synergy Recordings Synk Records Synthadelia Records System Recordings Systematic Recordings T Dance Digital Tannhauser recordings Tanzbar Musik Tapaz Recordings Tapestop Music Tasty Bytes Records Taux Music Techdics House Audio Teleskopik Recordings Tenax Recordings TendenziA Records Test Pressing Records Tevo Howard Recordings The Cruzaders Records The Factoria (Factomania) The North Bass This is Music Ltd Thought Render Thoughtless Music THRIVE Thugfucker Recordings Tiger Records Tigereye Recordings Timeline Timid Records Tiny Sticks TKC Music TOCO RECORDING Toffee Records Toka Beatz Ton Records ToolBox House Top Billin Toptrax Total Freedom Recordings Toubkal Records Touch It Records ToySounds Trackord Records Tracks For DJ Tracy Recordings Traffic Signs Trainstation Records Transhuman Transit Trashz Recordz TrayMore Records Trebol Records Tremors Recordings Trenton Records Tribal Vision Records Trident Music Triptik Trombax Records Tronic Soundz Trouble in Paradise TSRecord Tundra Dubs Turbo Recordings TurnItUp Muzik Twin Town Productions Twisted Frequency Recordings Twisted Plastic Ultra Umusic Records Uncharted Audio Under Records Undisputed uniform recordings Unison Recordings UNISONKHZ Unistory Music UNITE Unlocked Music Records Unt Records Uprise Music Uprise Records Ural 13 Records Use Me Music Vacation Records Van Liebling Recordings Vanity vectorecords 2.0 Velcro City Records Ventuno Recordings Vicious Vinstage Music Vireggs Records Virus T Studio Records VLAD VOCO Records Volt9 Records Voltage Musique Records Vous Records VSA Recordings Vulver Records Vynkel House Wall Recordings Wandem Records Was Not Was Wavebox Records Wazaa Records We Are We Are All Prostitutes We Collect Enemies We Scream Records WePLAY What A Music Wicked Bass Widebeat Records Wild Wilde Label Wildrun Records Wire Wishful Records Wobble Records WOLV WoNKed Records Woombah Records Woot Records Worka Tune Worldwide Exclusive Records X-Vertigo Attack! Xela Digital Xeton Records XTC Recordings Yakson Records Yavuz Records Ylla Music Yoshi Young Society Records Yucatech Recordings Zappruder Records Zenith Recordings Zensur Zone Zoombeats

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