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Save time, increase efficiency

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More than 700 record labels have been reviewed b...More than 700 record labels have been reviewed by our members!

Check it out on https://proshare.audio
2018-11-11 00:32:47
Nieuws: meer dan 3,500 leden!
Ben je muziek aan het produceren? Nou, deze week heeft onze muziek producent gemeenschap meer dan 3,500 leden overschreden. Ongeveer 2,500 producenten en 1,000 A&R-managers. Word gratis lid, stuur je demo's naar 9,5k+ labels, check reviews, ontmoet andere producenten! Bekijk het op https://proshare.audio
2018-08-27 16:09:23
label ratings & reviews!
NEWS: label ratings & reviews!

Last week we finished our label rating and reviewing system! So now it’s time for you to rate the labels πŸ˜‹ and learn from each other.

The rating is based on 6 important aspects: in general, reliability, speed, A&R, contracts / terms & conditions and promotion. Additionally, a personal (free text) review can be included to share experiences.

Many producers asked for this function to have a better understanding of the quality of each label.

Create a free account: https://proshare.audio/producer?dc=fbnewsrating
2018-08-12 12:51:28
Reviewing of your tracks
NEWS: Reviewing of your tracks
From now on you can request for a review of all your demos by our team. This extra service is without any cost for the time being.😎 Go https://proshare.audio to start.
2018-05-25 10:51:25
Dear Music Producers!
Dear Music Producers!

This is proshare.audio, the leading demo submission service with over 9.000 labels worldwide :)

We have launched 3 new features in our FREE plan:
1. You can now use our "genre tag cloud" to easily browse through our categories and discover new labels
2. Our "Demo Listen Ratio" slider let's you narrow your search to labels that are very likely to check your demo
3. A country filter shows you only labels from your own country if you like.

PRO and PRO PLUS accounts from now on will have access to our special Power Filters, to further narrow your search for the perfect label. We have added the following 6 interactive (real-time) filters using easy sliders:
1. Facebook fans
2. Facebook likes/fans ratio (how serious are the fans involved...)
3. SoundCloud followers
4. SoundCloud plays/followers ratio
5. Youtube subscribers
6. Youtube views/subscribers

Take a look over here: https://proshare.audio/?p=labels

Suggestions are welcome!
2018-03-01 23:30:35
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