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We believe it sucks to receive tons of demos in an unorganized way, including demos spammed to many others. We think labels should have more insights on new artists and tools to respond with a single click to save time.

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Choose from more than 6.
Choose from more than 6.750 labels to drop your demo and see which parts of your demo they actually played.
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2017-11-13 09:48:27
Congratulations to Roland Clark, Deep Criminal, ...
Congratulations to Roland Clark, Deep Criminal, Pao Calderon, Ali Embry Music & Yoga and Louise Capri, you have all won the Reveal Sound Spire VST plugin!

For all others: until sept 30 you can still get 20% discount on the Spire on using promocode "PROSHARE", and it will include 1 year free proshare PRO account!!!!!!
2017-09-28 21:51:28
1000+ producers on
NEWS: 1000+ producers on
Last week we reached 1000 producer members! Thanks Stanny Abram for signing up as 1000th member, and congratulations winning a PRO PLUS account!

Track your demos, sign-up for today 😀

And check-out Stannys work on his FB page!
2017-09-21 16:06:21
More than 1000 producers worldwide are now using...
More than 1000 producers worldwide are now using to share their new demos to the best labels and keep track of the results.

SHARE THIS MESSAGE and maybe you will win one of the 5 PRO subscriptions we are giving away this month.

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2017-09-15 16:32:53
Win the Spire VST Synthesizer plugin!
❤️ Win the Spire VST Synthesizer plugin! ❤️
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🔊 We believe it sucks to send out demos without knowing if they were listened. Explore 2,300+ labels, send your demo, learn when and what they listened. Take advantage of all our free tools to increase your chances for success.
2017-08-30 10:16:26

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