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Welcome to the chat board

Polyverse - Comet (giveaway!)
Polyverse - Comet (giveaway!)

This brand new plugin by Polyverse Music with an unique parameter and preset morphing function, is made to create a silky smooth reverb as never heard before.

This sounds promising.... Lets check it out!
Do you like what you've seen and heard? Good news, because this month you can..


We're giving away 5 licenses of the Comet. To enter the raffle answer the questions in a message to the support team before the 31st of may 2019 by using this link:

1. What's the name of the knob controlling the duration of a morph between presets?
2. How much quick morph slots does the Comet have?

Good luck!

Tom Peters
Chat board rules
Chat board rules

Welcome to the chat board!

This is the place to exchange ideas with other members. We may reward useful new topics and responses with sharing credits :)

The usage of the chat board means you agree to the following rules:

- We encourage thoughtful discussions, please respect others. Highly controversial topics are not allowed.
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- always has the right to delete conversations that are not appropriate to the sole discretion of team members.
How to prepare for ADE 2019?
How to prepare for ADE 2019?

Are you attending the Amsterdam Dance Event [NL] this year? If so, what is your plan?
As soooo many artists and labels are attending the ADE conference it is very important to make a good plan to get in touch with the right people. How do you prepare, to get most out of it this year?
Best synths under $1000
Best synths under $1000

Hardware (analogue) synths are hot and booming! Which one under $1000,00 is the best value for money???
New Plug-ins
New Plug-ins

Here you can post the newest (VST) plug-ins of the universe!
Subscriptions, rent to own or pay per major update?
Subscriptions, rent to own or pay per major update?

A lot of software developers have changed their licensing models the last years from a ‘pay per version’ to a subscription model. E.g some plug-ins you can only use on subscription base (like Roland), some offer both (like McDSP), or some platforms offer a rent to own model (like Splice).

What do you think is the best way to go, and why?
(Remix) Contests
(Remix) Contests

As a contest is a bit of a collab with an artist you don't know yet, we can share some remix and production contests here!

Collabrations to more impact on tracks like adding vocal with nice tunes...
[Kick-off] Follow Tom Peterson for a follow back.
[Kick-off] Follow Tom Peterson for a follow back.

Follow Tom Peterson (co-founder of for a follow back.

Please let me know below if you did! Thanks!
Make possible to release tracks via proshare directly
Make possible to release tracks via proshare directly

Let proshare create a label to distribute and promote music of her members.