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2021-09-22: New features and improvements?

Because we now have more than 12,000 artists and 7,000 labels as users, we are ready for more innovations and improvements.

Because we think it is important that works optimally for everyone, we would also like to receive your opinion and hear what your most important improvements would be. We will look at every suggestion and its feasibility. Who knows, your suggestions may soon be operational functionality. :-)

You can send us suggestions by Locating "Feature Requests" in the chatboard menu, and click the + next to it. You can then create your own topic.
Or you can use this link:

=== Archive ===

2021-06-03: Great improvements for our community:
From now on you can use your profile page as your website, including previews of your tracks * You can share your uploads as preview or full track to our public and other members and increase support * Via the new Member/DJ Pool you can access many new unreleased tracks and meet each other virtually

2021-06-02: New giveaway
We have just launched a new giveaway. This month you can win one of the 5 Ambition licenses. The review will be online this Friday (4th of June). You can enter here:

2021-05-28: Database clean-up
* Yesterday we've done a cleanup of our producer and label database, so you're sure the label you're sending your demo to still exists 😊.
* If you own an active label and have problems logging in let us know by mail: se we can restore your access.
* Also user accounts with bouncing / invalid email addresses have been suspended and will be removed.

2021-04-30: Today a new Review and Giveaway is launched! You'll find it in the review section in our Chat Board:

2021-03-05: is still welcoming new producers and labels every single day! We are very grateful for that and want to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. So we've again upgraded our servers to keep up with the huge amount of great tracks you've all uploaded and shared through If you want to support us, consider a pro or pro+ account or donate here: ;-)

2021-02-05: We've had some issues with the upload / conversion system. But we are up and running again! Thanks for your patience!
While waiting, a couple of you have found their way to our giveaway here. If you want to win some plugins too go here:
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