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smart:reverb - Review and Giveaway!

[Giveaway has ended]

In this review and walkthrough I will show you what you can do with the smart reverb on a work in progress project. Will smart:reverb’s A.I. features speed-up and simplify our workflow? Get started with the this review and walkthrough to see how the learning process works and how we use the reverb functions to get cool results.

Thanks to Sonible, you can WIN the complete "Studio Bundle" worth 349 euros!

1st grand price: Studio Bundle
2nd-5th price: One Sonible plugin of your choice

So post below (on our ChatBoard) why you should win one of these prices? And which plugin you would choose if you win the 2nd-4th place...
This raffle closes on the 31th of October, so be quick!

For more info on this plugin visit:

Aalexis -

PimPing -
SlamTek -
Fabian Ramos -
Daniel Drago -

We will contact you through PM if you've won!
Posted on 2021-06-01 by
Proshare Review Service


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Mario N PRO+
I would love to win this would allow me to create awesome sounds with the reverb and most important it would give me full control of the sound. I also never used a plug-in in my productions and would like to start introducing that part to my future productions. It would be interesting to see and hear how smart reverb is changing the quality of my sound.
I love the reverb plug-in for the 2nd and 3rd place!

Techneck PRO
I love plug-ins and I'm really fascinated by this plugin. I couldn't effort this one. So when I win this would be the precious plugin in my selection.🤗

Crazy nice that reverb and it sure look's like a spider web wen you work it and yahh full control i love some of that :D it sure will help in my new track, stay safe !

Da Fingaz
This is awesome! Thanks for doing this! I am a huge fan of reverbs, so the Smart Reverb would be my plug-in choice. Why should I win any of these prizes, though? Because...I entered. 😂. Good luck everyone. Stay safe!

Paul Lunar
Hello. Well... After family responsibilities, it's time to start intensive music production, mixing and mastering. This is an opportunity to start creativity with a win from Sonible. If I win one of the 4 places, I would choose smart:reverb with unique A.I. functions. 🎱

I have the smart:eq2 and it's awesome. When I discovered their eq I fell in love of every Sonible plugin when I tried them and in my opinion also this reverb worth every euro spent for creative reverbs. It would be a dream if I win the studio bundle, but I'm interested to their smart:comp and smart:eq live, but also frei:raum is a great tool... aah It'd be so hard to choose just one plugin for the 2nd-4th place.

I have participated in several Sonible giveaways without any luck Lol I hope this time I win it! I consider that these plugins are very good for the workflow in the mix, since they have a phenomenal artificial intelligence, the tool I would like to be sound is the smart compressor. I am fascinated that it is a SPECTRAL compressor !! WAOOO and besides all this you can work in side chain !! incredible. 😁😁😁

The Cook, The Thief
I should win if I win... I would choose Smart:Comp if I do.

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Tusca Musicas
great review! this is a powerful tool that makes mixing workflow easier, cool stuff from Sonible! thanks!

I bought smart: Eq and love it. I've been drooling over smart: Reverb ever since it came. I tested it via the trial period they offer but missed the personal cross grade code price they gave me with 3 days. I asked kindly them to allow me to still make the purchase that otherwise i can't afford at the moment even if i was a bit late. They told me OK, and i was so excited and thanked them like a child but then when i told them the code doesn't work they replied that actually they are sorry but actually they can't offer me the crossgrade. I was so upset with them!...but i still love smart:Reverb. This giveaway would finally do some justice and reunite me with this plugin. :)

To choose I think I would go for the reverb. From watching it is exactly like the No wasting time. Th full bundle would speed up my productions without loosing any quality.

Lunar Phaze PRO
Hi Tom, thanks for the great review. This bundle looks exceptional. Adaptive AI and control settings to dial in desired sounds quickly. The reverb, compressor and EQ modules seem to have great workhorse potential. The quicker and easier I could use tools like this, the more time I could spend on sounds design and music composition. This looks like a winner and would be happy to have this bundle in the studio toolkit. A single product amongst these great product is a tough choice, however I the frei:raum would certainly support the mix/master process for me (if that is also considered a bundle, hopefully not ! then the smart: EQ 2). Mix down and isolating seperate busses for depth, then gluing them all together on the final bus would be great to work with tools like this ! Best of luck to everyone !

Harlem Dance Club PRO+
Hi Tom, my productions are getting better and better, as you can see. :)
But I sure would like to make my productions better. so with the help of sonible smart reverb my tracks would be good enough to reach the top !
Thanks, Ruud / Harlem Dance Club

Jan Louise PRO+
I would completely go mad on this reverb, and even more if I will win the complete bundle!!!
Else I would choose the reverb! Zeker en vast!

I believe I should win one of these prizes so I can improve the quality of my creations. If I should be 2nd - 4th, then I would love to win the Smart Compressor!!

Loudar! PRO+
I should win one of these prizes, because this is the final step to finalize my productions and reach the top!

Oh, it's super. I want to win it. I would choose "smart:EQ live" if I do.

I would love to win this bundle plugins because are the best on the market and i used to make quality sounds and mixing in my tracks.
If i win 2nd, 3rd, 4th.i like the smart reverb plugin :D
Thanks for this oportunity.

Emanoel Silva
because their plugins are awesome, I love the quality of the plugins, and the sound

Marco Rossi
I would love to win this bundle in order to improve my array of plugins. I love everything I have tried from sonible. As a techno producer the reverb plugin would be my choice if I could only chose 1. Creating rhythms and texture from reverb n delay (sometimes by accident) is something I like to play with.

Hey guys, keep up the good work with the offers. I would like to actually participate in this as these plug ins look awesome. I am the artist Slamtek and have numerous releases on labels and have one of my tracks being released on Monday 19th October on Alienator records. I use alot deep reverb in my productions and would love to use this plug in also, your EQ looks fab also. If I win I will definitely be letting the labels and remixers I work with know about you guys as a thankyou. Take care and Respect. SLAMTEK ✌️

Hello, I would like to win it since I am currently studying electronic music music production, and this great complement would be fundamental for my songs, mainly for the time to produce songs for big room, hardstyle ...
If I win second place, I would like to buy the smart compressor

Sam Bagira
I want to win and mix my tracks with SmatrReverb reverb only
SmartComp and SmartEq Already make my tracks perfect! Thank you for that!

my gmail:

damn automating this would add even more variety and movement. I never even imagined using reverb like this. plugin would be insanely useful!! brilliant.

entropy looks dope too, i would use this to tame some freqs

Mechanik Project
This would make some outstanding addon to percussions and why not also to strings and horns in trailer music !

All of their plugins including Smartreverb look amazing but if I won 2nd to 4th place I would choose Smart EQ 2 personally. I have a really good limiter already for finishing mastering but as a producer that does the whole pipeline himself having ai assisted EQ could make my workflow so much smoother. I've been wanting something like that for a while now but as I live on disabilities and given the worlds current climate fitting one into the budget doesn't look like it will be happening any time soon. Thanks for the oppertunity!

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Proshare Review Service
Giveaway submission closed.... Winners will be anounced tomorrow! Fingers Crossed! 😎

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many thanks!!!

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Excited to use these plugins!

Angelus Marino
Great sound great effects is really nice. Compliments

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